Eyes Wide Open!! : D <3

right, after looking on google and tumblr for what people thought of eyes wide open, all i could find was people saying that it will make you laugh, cry, scream, sing, dance, and cry some more.  But after watching it, I know that it’s so much more than that.

it makes you feel so much pride for not only the boys, but for everything that has come from their success.  its such an inspiring thing to watch,  it makes you realise that if you have just a little bit of belief, any one can make their dreams a reality.  like they always say, ‘they’re just 4 boys from London who are following their dreams’.  it makes you feel like even if you don’t know what you’re reaching for theres no reason not to focus on the things you love, like Aston said, they booked rehearsal time on saturdays and ‘what was there to rehearse for, there was nothing to rehearse for’  but look where their ‘pointless’ rehearsal and their tireless dedication has got them now. 

I guess what the film shows, especially the fly on the wall part, is that even though they have performed to 20,000 people they’re still just regular guys who are loving life.  proof that fame doesn’t change people, if anyone thinks that fame makes people become divas, thats just cause they’ve lost sight of why they’re there and who put them where they are (the fans) but I think we can safely say that thats never gonna happen with these boys because they are all so grounded and they know exactly where they came from and still know why they wanted to acheive what they have and what they will acheive.

JLSters:  ‘when the sun shines we shine together, hopefully JLS will be here forever, we’re always gonna need some friends…so why don’t we stick it out till the end’

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